Saturday, 23 January 2016


I received the 'benefit primping with the Stars' kit for Christmas 2015! And I have to say (although I have only used it 3 times) it is fabulous. I love all the items in the kit some more than others however they are all fantastic!
So let's start with step 1 the 'stay don't stray' eye and concealer primer, I love this it does exactly what the title tells it to do!
Step 2 is the 'Porefessional' (is that how you spell that??). I absolutely love this primer it really helps reduce the appearance of pores, all though I don't have many pores it really minimises the ones I do have.
Step 3 is the 'some kind of gorgeous' foundation, Benefit describe this as a cream to powder consistency and I would agree! It is a light to medium coverage foundation and it looks absolutely stunning on the skin, as benefit would say "fake it don't cake it'!
 Step 4 is my favourite item in the whole set its the 'benetint' this is a cheek/lip tint. It gives you a flushed Rosie cheek and a pretty pink lip. This is by far my favourite item!
 Step 5 'girl meets pearl' I love this liquid highlight it gives a gorgeous shimmer on the tops of the cheek bones.
Last and in my opinion least step 6 'they're real' mascara, in general it is a good mascara and by no means is it rubbish. However personally it makes my eyelashes extremely clumpy and is almost impossible to get off! It may just be me but the way this mascara is hyped about I expected more, sorry!

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